Clegg’s PMQs gaffe was a Tory stitch-up

Watching Questions to the Prime Minister, I was struck by the smuggest look I’ve ever seen on George Osborne’s face. Take a look at the following screen-grabs:

Osborne1 473x350 Cleggs PMQs gaffe was a Tory stitch up

Osborne2 473x350 Cleggs PMQs gaffe was a Tory stitch up

Osborne3 473x350 Cleggs PMQs gaffe was a Tory stitch up

Now, we all know that George Osborne is smug and shows it. That’s nothing new, you tell me.

Of course not, but as this was a particularly smug look, I paused the video and rewound it to see it again. Have a look at this video to see WHY he was smug:

Did you catch it? I wasn’t able to upload it in good quality but you can go to 17:50 on the BBC Iplayer here and take a look, also here:

Clegg’s line “…the most disastrous decision of all which is the illegal invasion of Iraq” was reported as a gaffe and had to be “clarified” on the BBC here and dismissed as a “personal view.”

Yet did you notice how Osborne knew all the words… and was singing along? He was miming every word of the sentence as Clegg said it!

Maybe the smug look was not because of the line against Jack Straw, it was in fact a sting operation to embarrass the Deputy Prime Minister.

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  2. ronniegordon says:

    You're absolutely correct. He knows every single word and can not hide how pleased he is with himself. Incredibly well spotted!


  3. Danielle says:

    Why does Clegg keep falling for it though? Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.


  4. dawy says:

    I noticed Osbourne at PMQs but didn’t take any notice of what he was saying when are the libdems going to wake up? are they so drunk on so little power that Cleggs happy to ruin his party?

    Utter madness.


  5. chuzzlit says:

    It's not the first time I've seen Osborne 'mouthing' behind the speaker. Never thought before he was puppet master. Incredible.


  6. Richard Calhoun says:

    To be honest it looks more like some point scoring with shadow ministers opposite.


  7. Mark Reckons says:

    I think the explanation for this is a slight nervous tic, intense concentration and Osborne engaging in unconscious mimicry. I have blogged more details about this here.


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  9. Nick Coombes says:

    Really, Hadleigh?
    Even if George had mastered a clumsy form of ventriloquistic mind-control (as outlined above), why would he use it to highlight the distinctiveness of the Liberal Democrats?


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